Research that gets to the heart of your query

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research provides an understanding of how and why customers take the decisions they make. There is usually no set of fix questions, but rather a topic around which a discussion revolves. We find out not just what your target audience thinks about your product/service/idea but why they think like that.Our research focuses on getting them to talk and convey their opinions so we can capture their motivations and feelings, and is useful, especially in cases where new a product or service needs to be tested in the market to generate user feedback. Instead of analyzing numerical data, we draw our strength from in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography, mystery shopping, user- interface testing, and consumer diaries to understand language and behavior of the consumer and give a greater flexibility to our clients.

Quantitative Research

Clients use our quantitative research service to generate large qualities of data measuring customer satisfaction, brand positioning, and corporate reputation. It is a number based research that is straight forward and gives conclusive results. The large number of respondents provide a favorable setting for measuring the effectiveness of the product or service while determining the market size. Quantitative research also establishes customer profiles and provides appropriate statistical recommendations.We create a detailed framework and integrate statistical data representation at every level to test hypotheses in experiments. It is done by employing automated means of gathering data such as surveys, face-to-face interviews and examining preferences through two/three-alternative, forced-choice studies, or investigating error rates on task using competitive standards. We cover communication/message effectiveness; brand/market positioning, pre/post ad testing, concept test, customer/employee satisfaction survey, and segmentation study within the scope of our quantitative research service.